Create the most reliable digital wallet based on Ubuntu system

+ HD key generation technology

Delicate and stylish

4.02 inch OLED HD display

Ultra-comfort leather back cover with both anti-slip and anti-fall

One-piece aluminum alloy + sandblasting + anodizing process

Private key seed layer encryption physical isolation never touches the network

Completely eliminate the risk of private keys being stolen by cyber hackers

Hot and cold end separation

Cold-end build transactions and signatures, hot-end networking broadcast transactions

Multiple passwords

Seed password, payment password to build account security in all aspects

Backup and restore

The hardware wallet stores the private key if it is lost or stolen

you can use the 12 words provided during device initialization to recover the account in the UTON series wallet

and securely manage your encrypted assets again

Manage more than 30 high-quality digital assets

Constant iterative update

System language

Support Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean and other languages